5/11 Release

We have another release! We’re going to be trying for a monthly release schedule, possibly bi-weekly, but definitely at least monthly. This release we have:

Densetsu no Kokuou wo Sagase!!
Chapter 1 | Online

Dragon Knights II
Chapter 3 | Online

Jintori Game
Chapter 7 | Online

New chapters for both Jintori Game and Dragon Knights II, and we have the first chapter of Densetsu no Kokuou wo Sagase!!. It’s Ohkami’s debut work and is actually related to the Dragon Knights lore. You’ll see a familiar face there (Miyabi!). Of course, this is super old school. We’re talking 1990s old school.

In addition, Relle and I are very interested in redoing Tokyopop’s version of the original Dragon Knights. Basically, we’d clean up all the crap they did to it, including fix the localized names and all the other quality errors they did. Since Tokyopop no longer holds its license (and you can’t even buy it easily anymore), this should be a viable project. However, it’s a big one—we’re talking 26 volumes. So we’d like to gauge interest as well as see if there are others out there who would like to help us out.

Let us know in the comments or feel free to toss me an e-mail!


As the tide of spring breathes fresh new life into the world…so, too, do a pair of intrepid young scanlators crawl out from the deepest, darkest depths of procrastination hell the unknown. With them they bring great treasures, some that have lay hidden for five hundred years…

Okay, random nonsensical introduction aside, hey guys! It’s been so long that you probably don’t even remember us and that’s A-OKAY. School, life, things. It all ate at us. Over the past three years, Ohkami finished Jintori Game and actually started on a sequel to Dragon Knights. Titled Dragon Knights II: Heavenly Black and Evil White, it’s set 500 years after the end of the original. It follows a new main character, Natasu, and his adventures, but, as expected of a sequel set in a fantasy world where all of the original cast live for centuries, almost everyone from the original main cast has made a cameo with a few playing newer and larger roles. Do you remember Silk from the first series? She’s back and with Natasu!

DK2 does reference a few events back from the original, but you can still read it without any real knowledge of the first series. It’s also fun to see everyone’s style change…again. Anyway, it looks pretty fun and if the DK cameos weren’t enough, she’s bringing in characters from her other series! This includes Densetsu no Koukou wo Sagase!!, which was already said to be related to the Dragon Knights storyline. So we have Secret, our second translator, working on that. I tried to get it in for this release, but just didn’t have the time.

Does that mean we’re back? Yeessss….. assuming something doesn’t slam us again. Can’t really say how our “release schedule” will be like, but we’re hoping for at least something once a month. We have Jintori Game to finish off now along with DK2 and Densetsu. So that’s at least two big projects and one minor one to keep us busy. Of course, this is still very much a small team, so if anyone would like to help, even with simple cleaning or editing…. :D /points to the Recruit page.

Speaking of that navigation bar, you might notice something new! We now have an online reader that you can use! We still have links to download releases as well, and we don’t mind if people upload our releases onto various manga aggregators (we want more people to read Ohkami’s works!), but if you ever feel lazy or just want an easy place to read releases, use our reader!

And finally, one more link to point. We have also created a Tumblr account. This is mostly just to post quick release updates and will link to the site, but if you’re a Tumblr user, go ahead and follow us! You can even send us Asks for comments and question as well as reblog our announcements. Even if you’re not a Tumblr user, you can still send Anonymous asks. It might help encourage and motivate us, too 8D

/breathes. Phew, that’s a lot. So now, for what everyone is probably really waiting for: the releases. And boy do we have a lot.

Dragon Knights Gaiden
CONFESSION: THATZ: Download | Online
CONFESSION: RATH: Download | Online
Volume Extras: Download | Online

Dragon Knights II: Heavenly Black and Evil White
Chapter 1: Download | Online
Chapter 2: Download | Online

Jintori Game (REVISED)
Chapter 1: Download | Online
Chapter 2: Download | Online
Chapter 3: Download | Online
Chapter 4: Download | Online
Chapter 5: Download | Online
Chapter 6: Download | Online

Along with the first two chapters of DK2, we also finished off the Dragon Knights gaidens. Included is an extra download for all the volume extras, including an alternate ending page for the gaiden “Crossing of Stars.” And then you see Volume 1 of Jintori Game again. But didn’t we already release this? Yes…but Relle looked over those chapters and went, “Oh God those are horrible.” So they were re-translated and redone to be much nicer and cleaner. There’s not too much of a difference (and unfortunately we weren’t able to get Chapter 7 done in time), but if you want to re-read them just because, there you go! (Really, those chapters are much nicer now. And if anyone wants to reupload the new versions to the various online readers, feel free to do so…or wait until the new chapter that works, too.)

And that’s it! No April Fool’s prank, this is a legitimate release :P Enjoy!

DK Gaiden: Crescendo release!

WE’RE NOT DEAD though Laena and Relle are out for the count. Jintori Game and Asuka2 are on hold until real life eases up a bit. For anyone waiting for those updates, we apologize! But we haven’t dropped the project yet.

Beaky and Random from Team Arinas, on the other hand, have continued to plow through their projects! We only have one release, but after a month, one is better than none at all.

Dragon Knights Gaiden

This is the backstory on how Kaistern first met Lykouleon. An interesting story, though it also brings up more questions than answered. Ohkami, why do you continue to do this to us!?

Christmas release!

Apologies for the delay in releases–exams kicked ass. But we do have a holiday release for everyone from both teams!

Jintori Game
Chapter 6

Just a quick note: the JG releases will be of slightly different quality because I’m using scanned RAWs rather than the original caps from the site. Ironically, the original caps are of higher quality than the printed ones. So if you notice the difference…that’s why. The capped chapters will resume with Chapter 12. But this completes volume 1 and we’re onto volume 2!

DK Gaiden
Crossing of Stars

A cute little gaiden about how Lykouleon and Raseleane really met when they were (adorable) kids. Really cute! Enjoy and hope everyone is having a good holiday season!

DK Gaiden update!

Team Arinas has pulled through with another Dragon Knights Gaiden release, yay!

Dragon Knights Gaiden
One Day, Another Day

This is the very first Gaiden Ohkami made and it’s basically a day in the life at the Dragon Castle from Zoma’s perspective. It’s set early on, before the events that happened in volume 11 (it’s more like the timespan between 10 and 11). Hope you enjoy!