DK Gaiden: Crescendo release!

WE’RE NOT DEAD though Laena and Relle are out for the count. Jintori Game and Asuka2 are on hold until real life eases up a bit. For anyone waiting for those updates, we apologize! But we haven’t dropped the project yet.

Beaky and Random from Team Arinas, on the other hand, have continued to plow through their projects! We only have one release, but after a month, one is better than none at all.

Dragon Knights Gaiden

This is the backstory on how Kaistern first met Lykouleon. An interesting story, though it also brings up more questions than answered. Ohkami, why do you continue to do this to us!?

Christmas release!

Apologies for the delay in releases–exams kicked ass. But we do have a holiday release for everyone from both teams!

Jintori Game
Chapter 6

Just a quick note: the JG releases will be of slightly different quality because I’m using scanned RAWs rather than the original caps from the site. Ironically, the original caps are of higher quality than the printed ones. So if you notice the difference…that’s why. The capped chapters will resume with Chapter 12. But this completes volume 1 and we’re onto volume 2!

DK Gaiden
Crossing of Stars

A cute little gaiden about how Lykouleon and Raseleane really met when they were (adorable) kids. Really cute! Enjoy and hope everyone is having a good holiday season!

DK Gaiden update!

Team Arinas has pulled through with another Dragon Knights Gaiden release, yay!

Dragon Knights Gaiden
One Day, Another Day

This is the very first Gaiden Ohkami made and it’s basically a day in the life at the Dragon Castle from Zoma’s perspective. It’s set early on, before the events that happened in volume 11 (it’s more like the timespan between 10 and 11). Hope you enjoy!

asuka 2 release

As mentioned in the last post, this is a pretty rough time for us with exams pounding our heads in, so it’s a miracle we even managed to get this release out. It’s not Jintori Game, which may or may not come out next week (it’ll depend if I’ll be able to work on the chapter), but it is Asuka2! I have a new scanner with a document sheet feeder, so I can now finally mass can all those stupid chapters I neglected because…well I didn’t like my old scanner |Da So Asuka2 is now officially off hiatus and placed along our current projects. I can’t guarantee how often we’ll release it — it depends how fast Relle can get translations done. Jintori Game is still our top priority, but expect more Asuka2 releases until we finish the volume. I’ve also updated the project pages to include some new “future” works we have on tap (just two more of Ohkami’s works) as well as updated the page for Jintori Game to include the cover of volume 2 and a list of all the current chapters.

But eh, who cares about all that mess. Here’s the link to the release!

Chapter 2: School Arc

Not sure if we’ll have a release next week, and if not I’ll save it for a larger release later.

Jintori Game 5 release

Here is chapter 5 of Jintori Game! It was supposed to be released yesterday but I got distracted by Relle on another project. /cough.

As a heads up, chapter 6 may or may not be released next week. My new scanner should be coming in within the next day or so, but I also have exams for the next two weeks. I do have one (possibly two) Asuka2 chapters ready as a standby release, but I’ll see if I can push out chapter 6 next Monday. If not, it’ll come out soon, I promise!

But here’s today’s release:

Jintori Game:
Chapter 5